Snack in a Backpack serves 6 schools, 1 group home, homeschooled students in need, and over 400 children each week during the school year.

2019- 2020 School statistics: 

      - Head Start Pre K - 58 bags (232 meals per week)

      - West Fannin Elementary - 108 bags (432 meals per week)

      - Blue Ridge Elementary - 50 bags (200 meals per week)

      - East Fannin Elementary - 109 bags (436 meals per week)

      - Fannin Co Middle School - 47 bags (188 meals per week)

      - Fannin Co High School - 1 bag per week (4 meals)

      - Open Arms - 10 bags per week ( 40 meals per week)

Over 100,000 meals were delivered in 2018-2019.  

Over 4500 lbs of apples (2.25 tons) were distributed by Snack in a Backpack throughout 2018-2019 thanks to Mercier’s Orchards.  

Snack in a Backpack and our Summer Meal Program Partners served a total of 20,546 meals to children during June and July of 2019 for the Fannin County Summer Meal Program with the support of 1242 volunteer hours.

2625 volunteer hours for packing and distribution were committed to fighting hunger in Fannin County during the 2018-2019 school year.  

Cost of Meals for 2018-2019


Cost of a bag is $3.50 (equivalent of 4 meals)

What Goes In the Snack Bag?


Each week, students receive:

  • 2 breakfast items (cereal, oatmeal packets)

  • 2 protein entrees (mac & cheese, beans and franks, beef stew, or chili)

  • 2 milk boxes 

  • Fruit (fresh whenever possible), dried fruit, and fruit cups.

  • 2 fruit and grain bars

  • 1 package of peanut butter crackers





“Thank you so much for the efforts put into this program! It helps relieve a heavy burden from the teachers because we know our students have food for the weekends. It helps me sleep a little easier knowing that my kids are going to bed with a full tummy. I thank you for that! Also, thank you for making the kids smile!”
Blue Ridge Elementary Teacher



"Our family is so appreciative of Snack in a Backpack. This food is an absolute supplement for our kids as they grow older. We look forward to these bags and love the apples." Ellie 



“I have had parents thank us for your snack bags when they come in for conferences."  Blue Ridge Kindergarten Teacher

Get in Touch


(706) 851-8174


Snack in a Backpack

2460 East 1st St Unit C-7
Blue Ridge, GA 30513

We pack during the school year on Wednesdays at 9:30 am. 

Feel free to stop in a lend a helping hand!


Snack in a Backpack

Debby Beck, Program Director
P.O. Box 2123
Blue Ridge, GA 30513