History of the Program

Snack in a Backpack began in 2009 when a group of neighbors that worked in the school system noticed that many children were sleepy and lethargic on Mondays, but were alert the remainder of the school week.  When asked what was wrong, the students would reply that they had little to nothing to eat on the weekends and during school breaks. During the week they received breakfast and lunch at school but during the weekends had little or no food. Hunger was impacting their school attendance, behavior, ability to focus, and health.   

Snack in a Backpack began as a grassroots effort serving 60 students the first year in grades 1 through 5 with just a small group of local supporters. Volunteers started packing bags of food and snacks to be passed out on Fridays to kids who were hungry over the weekends. What started in 2009 with just a few students has grown to over 400 students in all 6 schools during the school year  and now expanded to serving the same children during the summer vacation months. Snack in a Backpack has delivered over 100,000 meals in 2018-2019 alone.

Over the years, Snack has had hundreds of volunteers, donors, board members, professionals, teachers, business leaders, and long term supporters who have devoted their time, talents, and treasures to Snack in a Backpack.  We are still devoted to our mission to “Decrease the burden of childhood hunger in Fannin County by providing food insecure families a weekend and school vacation food assistance program.”