Middle school student writes:

I want to receive snack in a backpack, I’m a 13 year old Girl who attend school, And eats breakfast and lunch there but weekends my stomach in dying and on afternoons when I’m home from school…..can you help me?”

Substitute teacher, Carrie Minear writes:

“Hey Tammy!  I wanted to tell you that I witnessed some cool things on the other end of snack in a backpack!  I was subbing yesterday in a 3rd grade class when their backs were delivered.  They cheered when the gentleman walked in with the bags.  The class had snack time a bit later that morning, and the snack in a backpack kids bee-lined to their bags for a snack. They were very responsible and made sure I wrote their names on their bag with a sharpie.  One little boy did not have a snack, and a sweet girl next to him with snack in a backpack shared her snack with him.  They were so proud of their bags and very grateful as well. The students who received bags needed them in my opinion:)  Just wanted to share what I saw on my end. It was a pretty cool experience for me as I have seen the hands and feet behind the operation!!   You should be very proud and happy:)”

West Fannin Elementary School and
Blue Ridge Elementary School comments:

“Children ask “is that my food bag?” and are very happy to see the bags delivered.”

“They get very excited and talk about getting to eat the food at home. The parents love the program and are very excited for the kids.”

“Parents have mentioned it helps take some of the financial worries away.”

“I have noticed the children are less distracted.”

“Parents have been very appreciative.”

“The kids are always eager to receive their bags on Fridays.”

“This is a great program! I think it is a great idea and hope we can continue the program!”

“Children seem to like the items in the backpacks and like to have things they can eat without help from their parents.”

“The kids remind me if I forget the bags.”

Letter from a Grandmother:

Dear sponsors of “Snack In A Backpack,”

First off I want to thank all of the sponsors and people who are involved in the “Snack In A Backpack!”

I’d like to share a story with you if I may.

My grandson is on the free breakfast and lunch program this year and as a result of this, got the letter about snack in a backpack program.

My son signed him up for it but didn’t tell his son that he had signed him up, so on Friday my grandson (#30 in backpack program) at Blue Ridge Elementary bounced into my car after school and was SOOOO excited..he said, “Nana look what I got! I got a backpack today and it’s full of food!” As he was relaying this to me he was pulling snacks out the bag. He shared with me all the way home just what all was in his bag.. You would have thought it was Christmas all over again! He was so excited with every item he pulled out, when he got to the chicken and rice meal, he said “Look Nana, they even gave me a dinner!” Then he immediately opened up the milk and drank it.

It was such a wonderful time for him, I thought what a great idea and how very grateful we are to this program.  This little guy was so excited and happy that I just wanted to share this with you and tell you thank you so very much. This family has hit on hard times (as many here have of late), and they have had to move in with us. My grandson has lost the only home he has ever known and I know this has been a big adjustment for him (and us all), and to see his little face smiling and his voice full of excitement just made my day. I thought I would let you know that you sure have made one little guy very happy, and if the others were as happy as he then this was surely worth your time and commitment!

Again, Thank You so very much for starting this program, and I will keep it my prayers that you will be able to continue to do this for those who really need it!


The Grandmother of #30 at Blue Ridge Elementary (LOL)