Buy a Birdhouse, Feed a Child

Birdhouses ($20)

Bluebird houses, which come in many different styles, some decorated and some plain, can be ordered by clicking here.


The proceeds from the sale of these birdhouses are a source of funds to supply nourishment for the most vulnerable children in our community who are in need of food during the weekend when the school lunch program is not available.

On Fridays, these children will be given a backpack that is filled with nutritious, non-perishable and child-friendly food items.

So, when you purchase a $20 birdhouse, not only do you give shelter to wildlife in your garden and yard, you will be feeding our most precious citizens, our children.

And, if you purchase 5 birdhouses, you will feed a child each weekend for the entire school year!

Contact us to order a birdhouse